12U and Older Rules

2024 St.Cloud  Fastpitch League Rules 12U-18U

Age Requirement.  Age as of September 1, 2023. NEW!!!!!

All games are scheduled for Tuesday night beginning at 6:00.  Each night two five-inning games with a 70 minute time limit on each game are played.  The 10-run rule will apply after 4 innings (15-run rule after 3 innings).  Games may last only 3 innings or could go 6 + innings if the game is tied after 5 innings and the time limit has not been reached.  No new innings start after the time limit has been reached, they can end in a tie.

10U Pitching Distance -35’-   11” softball

12U Pitching Distance – 40’-   12” softball

14U older- Pitching Distance – 43’- 12” softball.

For 12UB- 5 runs per inning.  Stealing allowed.  1 base only.  No stealing home , can advance to 1st on dropped 3rd strike.  No infield fly rule. 9 players in field.

12 UA-  Regular softball rules.   5 runs per inning.

14UA -.  Regular softball rules.

14UB-  Regular softball rules.  5 runs per inning.

16UA&B  Regular softball rules.

 Pitching Delivery –The pitcher shall take a position with their pivot foot in contact with the pitcher’s plate and their non-pivot foot in contact or behind the pitcher’s plate.  A backward step may be taken before, simultaneous with or after the hands are brought together.

 The first game begins at 6:00 sharp.  There is no extra warm-up time for a late arrival.  The second game begins 5 minutes after game 1 ends. Have game 2 pitchers warm up during the last part of the first game.

 We follow MN USA softball rules.

 The home team is responsible for hiring and paying one umpire for each Tuesday night 18U game.  We suggest paying 18U $55-65, 16U $35-45, 12U & 14U $35-45 per night (2 games)

The home team shall provide 1 new and 1 good used game ball each Tuesday.  Balls must be Dudley optic yellow with red stitches.  SB 12 LRF Y FP Cor.47 Max 375lbs.

Fields must be chalked and raked

 Teams must  use the 9 players in the game to bat or use flex.  Substitution rules are the same as well.  Both coaches will need to agree prior to start of games to modify this. You can bat roster.

 If a game is rained out please call the visiting team and umpire by 4:00.  Post your cancellation on the league website www.stcloudfastpitch.com

Make-up dates are handled by the 2 coaches involved.  If you know you will not have enough players, call the opposing coach and ask to borrow a couple of their players.


Coaches must start their best 9 players in game 1.  All others must start game 2.  Teams with less than 18 players will have some players start both games. The pitcher who starts game 1 may not start pitching  in game 2. 2.  Game 2 is for developing younger players.  The level of pitching may go down during this game.  Summer coaches who are not high school coaches must be informed of our league philosophy for game 2 and follow it.

 Metal spikes are allowed for 14U, 16U and 18U.

The host team will be the home team for the first game and the traveling team will be the “home” for game 2.

Must use a different pitcher in game 2.  We all have a second pitcher.  She may not be at the level we would like her to be at, but our rules state the same person cannot start pitching the second game.

Stealing is permitted at all levels Bring a copy of the league rules and ASA rulebook with you to the game.

New coaches:

Talk before the game with your opponent about stealing, subbing, pitching, batting order to clarify that you are playing by the MN USA and  league rules.  Do this before the game so there is no confusion during the game.

During your pre-game conference with the coaches and umpire write down the start time of each game so there is no confusion.

If we all follow the rules of the league, it will keep the problems to a minimum.



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